Quick Tips About Technical SEO You Must Know

Raj Patidar

December 15, 2022


Technical SEO is one of the most fundamental aspects of SEO. No matter how great looking your website is or how amazing its content is, if your website is not perfectly fine as per technical SEO guidelines, it may not going to rank.

Hence it is vital to understand what Technical SEO is and how to fix it. Once you do a technical SEO audit of your website and fix any potential issues, you won’t have to worry about them again.

In this article, I am going to share the most important technical SEO tips that you can use to make your website more optimized.

Let’s begin.

5 Tips For Technical SEO

To make your website more SEO-friendly, follow these tips:

1. Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

A ‘responsive’ website, if necessary, as it adjusts itself easily with different devices so that it can be navigated and read quickly.

Even Google is strict about the fact that having a responsive site is a very significant ranking signal. And, after the arrival of Google’s ‘mobile-first’ approach to indexing content, a responsive website is now more vital than ever.

2. Make Your Website’s Speed Faster

Site speed matters the most for every person landed on it. In addition, Google may penalize you if your website loads slowly.

Check out the steps your can follow to speed up your website:

  • Optimize your website’s images. 
  • Allow browser caching.
  • Allow compression, and decrease HTML & CSS files.
  • Lower server response time. 
  • Utilize a Content Delivery System (CDN). 

3. Perform Technical SEO Audits Regularly & Fix Errors

Perform technical SEO audits weekly or every 15 days using top-notch tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and Serpstat.

It can help you check your website for issues, warnings, and errors and then fix these errors to better the overall technical health of your website. 

4. Install SSL Certificate

A secure Sockets Layer, SSL, builds an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. You can find a site using SSL fairly easily: the website URL starts with ‘HTTPS://’ rather than ‘HTTP://.’

Ensure you set the SSL variant of your website’s homepage as your preferred domain.

5. Fix Broken Links (if any)

If your website has 404 errors, it is already lacking — as it offers a poor user experience.

If this happens, ensure you set up a 301 redirect, this enables the old page to lead a visitor to the new page it’s being redirected to.

Technical SEO Checklist

Take Away Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Fix technical SEO for your website today with these tips for technical SEO. Need an expert’s help? I am happy to help!

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