How Do I Build An SEO Competitor Analysis Audit and Report?

Raj Patidar

February 5, 2022



Here you are going to learn how to perform an SEO competitor analysis to build a report that will expose new opportunities for your website SEO.

I’m confident that you will be able to create a stunning competitor analysis report for yourself or your client by the end of this blog.

SEO Competitor Analysis – What is it?

SEO is all about gaining more and more organic and referral traffic on your website to achieve the desired business goal.

90% of the clicks go to the first 10 websites that are ranked on SERP(Search Engine Rank Page) for any search term.

To achieve the first 10 positions in SERP, you must know all about your competitors that are in the same race where you want to be.

So, SEO competitor analysis is all about deep research of your competitor’s SEO strategy, content, keywords & opportunities that you can use to compare your website.

How to perform a competitor analysis

In order to help you do perfect competitor research, I’ve broken down my hand practice into steps.

1. Find Your True Competitors

Each first top 10 ranked website is not always your competitor. For many search terms, listing sites and other highly authoritative sites ranked for top 10 positions. 

To find the right competitor, I recommend identifying the niche of the website and the services they provide. If that sounds similar, then you can count that website as your competitor.

Find out 4-5 competitors using your valuable keywords and make a note of their domain authority.

2. Examine Competitor Traffic

Do a traffic analysis of each competitor by simply using tools like SEMrush, Ahref, Ubersuggest, Moz, and many more.

This helps you understand where your business stands in the industry and how much traffic you can expect.

3. Determine Keyword Gaps

Keyword gap analysis is the best way to find out more opportunities for a business by targeting the keywords relevant to our business.

By using tools like SEMrush, you can easily find the keywords that you and your competitors are ranking for and the keywords that are valuable for your business that you’re not using in your website SEO.

I suggest better picking long-tail relevant keywords with good search volume and low keyword difficulty.

4. Examine Top-Performing Content

Content analysis plays an important role in competitor analysis. It helps you to identify the quality of content your competitor’s website has and how their content marketing strategy works.

You can simply analyze the website pages from where your competitors are gaining higher traffic. 

Think and research the below-mentioned questions while analyzing the competitor’s content:

  • What content strategy are they using? 
  • What content type they are using(graphics, video, audio)? 
  • Are they posting content on a regular basis? 
  • Are their contents lengthy? 
  • What makes their content stand out?

Compare your website content strategy with your competitor; this will help you build a better content strategy for your website.

5. Evaluate Technical SEO

Technical SEO is essential for any website. 

Don’t know why? Read here: Importance of technical SEO

Analyzing competitor technical SEO will be time-consuming, but it is beneficial for your website to explore the further scope of improvement.

Discover some crucial components of technical SEO for your website and your competitors, which are major factors in search engine ranking algorithms.

6. Identify Backlink Gaps

A website with quality backlinks will ultimately gain more trust from search engines. It will also help increase a website’s domain authority and organic traffic.

A backlink gap analysis compares your website with your competitor’s and you will be able to gain more backlink opportunities for your website. 

Here are some tools that help you generate backlink gap reports easily: SEMrush, Ahref, Moz.

Additional Tip: How to create quality backlinks

7. Check for User Experience

A better user experience on a website leads to a better conversion rate. Compare your website experience with your competitor and check for possibilities where you can improve.

One of the most important user experience factors is website speed on devices.

Faster loading times will result in higher customer satisfaction and a higher website ranking.

Let’s prepare an SEO competitor analysis report

Now you have all the comparison data of your competitor SEO along with further opportunities to beat them.

If you are researching SEO competitors for a client, you should prepare a PPT or PDF presentation with all the above data for a better understanding.

I will share a sample report soon over here with you. Stay Tune!

If you want me to perform the competitor analysis for you, reach me today. I, as a Remote SEO Expert, will be glad to provide you with an excellent report. Book an appointment now!


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