How To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

Raj Patidar

September 22, 2021

Remote SEO Expert Google Local Business Ranking

By improving your Google My Business ranking, you will receive more visits to your store and website. For local businesses, ranking higher is essential to generating leads.

What is Google Local Business\GMB Ranking?

Google shows the local search results most relevant to your query when you initiate a local search. The position in which your business listing appeared is your current ranking in GMB.

1. Direct Search on Google Map

Many people use Google Maps to find nearby stores and services. A single page displays 20 business listings on the left, and a map on the right highlights pin locations.

A business ranking higher will receive more clicks. Thinking about how to achieve a higher spot? Yes, it is possible to achieve the #1 spot for your local business as well. Stay tuned; you will learn it soon.

google local business image
Local Search

2. Search Via Local Queries on Google Search Engine Bar

Google’s search engine bar is one place where some people directly enter their local search queries. Here, Google shows rich results for the 3 top listings with a map at the top.

Thus, now you understand why it is important to rank higher in Google My Business listings if you have a local business.

Search Via Local Queries on Google Search Engine Bar - google local business
Search via Local Queries

Let’s learn “How to Improve GMB Ranking”

1. Optimize Your GMB Listing

A well-optimized listing can beat their competitor easily and this is the most important way to gain local rank quickly.

There are some factors that must be optimized in your listing; Title, Description, Address, Phone number, Website address, Business Category, Service Areas, Reviews, Images & Video, and Post.

Learn more in-depth at “Ultimate Optimization for Google My Business Listing.”

2. Increase Relevance

As you know, google works only for relevance, and this factor works for GMB ranking as well. If your GMB is optimized but not relevant to the users you are ranking for, you are misleading them.

Therefore, you should optimize your listing and consider your most valuable users in order to focus on relevance.

3. Create Citations

It is best to create citations for local businesses to boost ranking, and get more referral traffic, direct leads, and reviews.

There are many high-authority citation websites out there; you can register your business and provide as much information as you have.

One of the most important benefits of citations is that they have many active users looking for local service providers and you don’t want to miss that. Right?

More backlinks from niche-specific websites increase relevance and also help you gain a higher ranking on search engines.

There are lots of niche websites, some of which are: forums, product bases, classified ads, and many more.

Identify the most relevant and specific websites and reach out to them to get a genuine backlink.

5. Grab Local Attraction

You will increase your business’s awareness and attract more local customers to your website and store by getting your brand in front of local users.

You can request articles about you or your business to be published on local PR sites, which will ultimately attract local users’ attention.

 Take Away Thought:

The steps outlined above are some of my practices to boost GMB ranking. As a Remote SEO Expert, I am passionate about sharing my approach with all striving to achieve the desired results.

Let me help you achieve a higher rank on GMB and Google SERPs for your local business. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Need professional assistance?

Share any other ideas that you think might work for your local business in the comments section. I highly value your thoughts.


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